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Ready… Set… Go! Try Go-Karting for Corporate Team Building

Having fun is a big part of corporate culture today. Companies big and small, from Google and Microsoft to the accounting firm down the road, are incorporating “fun” into their business plans. Merging the “fun-factor” into a business’ daily operations isn’t a new trend: It’s been around for quite some time now, especially in corporate […]

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Environmental factors that affect agriculture

Our planet is a well-timed and well-run ecosystem that relies on so many factors, plants, animals and insects to keep it humming in harmony.  One of the areas that are out of tune has been the serious decline of the honeybee population in the United States.  Recently, scientists at Purdue University identified one of the […]

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Construction Equipment and America’s Housing Recovery

This past March, home prices in America reached their highest gain since 2006. According to recent statistics, spring home-buying season is seeing aggressive demand, and throughout the country, building and renovating is flourishing for the first time in a long time. With spring being the season of renovations and new projects, and the recovery moving […]

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Getting a Grasp on the Different Types of Clutches and their Applications

Centrifugal clutches are available for a wide variety of applications. But, they may not always be the right type of clutch for the job. The type of clutch you need is determined by the job at hand and other factors, and depending on your application, you may require any one of these three types of […]

Why It’s Critical to Keep Today’s Water Treatment Systems Running Smoothly

Water: It’s fundamental to all life, and the need for water treatment systems has become increasingly more critical as the population around the world continues to grow. From the “people perspective,” our reliance on clean water is obvious: We rely on water for drinking, bathing and cooking. Rivers and lakes are sources for our drinking-water […]

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Improved power, motor life, and reduced electrical power are just a few of ways clutches provide a greener solution!

BLM Automatic Clutch has been producing environmentally friendly clutches since our inception. Centrifugal clutches are extremely economical because they conserve energy and allow for the use less electrical power. Motors with centrifugal clutches installed help the motor run more efficiently because the motor is permitted to start under no load, thus allowing for a smaller […]

At BLM, We Put the “C” in Custom!

We’re Centrifugal Clutch – and not only do we design and manufacture a variety of centrifugal clutches for small land large applications, we have the expert knowledge to meet your specific needs! We specialize in coupling, flywheel, universal shaft, and pulley combinations as a part of our main clutch designs, but whatever your application requires, […]