Our Design Capabilities

BLM has designed and manufactured both stock and custom centrifugal clutches since 1932. When manufacturing a custom centrifugal clutch for a client, we offer design capabilities such as prototype development and one off production. Throughout the design and manufacturing process, we establish and maintain open communication with our customers to ensure that their needs are met.

Prototype Development

Developing a prototype is one of the most critical steps in manufacturing a custom centrifugal clutch. Prototypes allow our customers to install and assess the clutch performance in their design and work out bugs before going into production. Prototypes benefit both the manufacturer and customer, giving both parties approximations on details such as how much material will be needed to fabricate the finished clutch and how the design facilitates operation within the pump or machinery in which it will be housed.

At BLM, we value working closely with our customers to provide prototype development with unique designs specific to their individual applications. 

BLM's Design Capabilities

One Off Production

One off production is a manufacturing process that results in a single, unique product tailored to the customer’s exact specifications. These one-of-a-kind products provide a solution to replacing obsolete parts no longer available from the OEM. One off permits for specialty design and emergency part manufacture.

Though slower, one off production is an incredibly specialized manufacturing process that yields high quality products with exceptional finishes and functionality when compared to other manufacturing methods. At BLM, we have decades of experience with one off production and have mastered the process by producing customized, single use products for one of a kind applications.  

Custom Centrifugal Clutches from BLM

With countless successful projects under our belt, BLM is a go-to provider of centrifugal clutches for industries such as military, chemical, and more. With our one off production and prototyping capabilities, we ensure the final product suits your exact needs. For help designing and manufacturing centrifugal pumps for your application, contact us or request a quote today.