Centrifugal clutches are devices that use centrifugal force to transfer rotational power from an engine or motor to a load that needs acceleration. Due to the nature of the applications they support, centrifugal clutches often require extensive precision and specificity to securely connect to equipment and enable a safe transfer of energy. Using a combination of digital 3D part libraries, prototyping services, and state-of-the-art CNC machining techniques, BLM works closely with clients to design and manufacture custom centrifugal clutches that will ensure smooth, shock-free accelerations in their unique applications while protecting the power source and associated equipment from power overload. Our custom clutches support applications in a wide range of industries, including military and defense, mining, agriculture and forestry, chemical, public works, and more.

Our CAD Library

Using our CAD library, the CAD files can be converted into the desired format and instantly delivered online in an easy-to-download form. These models include valuable details regarding the part or component’s external geometry, providing engineers with the information they need to assess a component for specific equipment or machinery. 

BLM takes advantage of the CAD files to provide customers with access to digital models of our centrifugal clutch designs. The detailed 3D models corresponding to each of our products can be conveniently previewed and downloaded in several CAD and graphic formats, simplifying and speeding up the process of choosing the right part for your assembly or application. Each CAD file includes the following:

  • Part description
  • Part number
  • Relevant specifications (inner and outer diameter, length, bore size, etc.)
  • High-quality 3D product file available in multiple formats
  • Other part-specific information

Design Capabilities

With 88 years of experience in designing and manufacturing centrifugal clutches, BLM works with clients to develop custom products for an array of applications. Whether you need a standard part with minor modifications or something highly customized for a specialized application, we have the resources and experience to help you identify and create a personalized solution that will meet your requirements and keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. Our design capabilities include the following.

Prototype Development

One of the first steps in developing a new product is the creation of a prototype, which is essentially a  sample of the product in mind. A prototype provides an opportunity to develop aspects of the finished product and determine its viability within the intended application. These preliminary models allow you to test the performance of various materials and design features in a real-world setting so you can avoid expensive revisions and tooling changes down the road.

At BLM, we understand the importance of specificity when designing a centrifugal clutch that will eliminate power train shock loading, facilitate a smooth acceleration, and provide sufficient overload protection to the motor and machinery when needed. Our design and engineering team has extensive experience in clutch prototype creation for unique or highly specialized applications. We can work with you to turn your concepts into tangible models that can be tested and verified in your application, allowing you to evaluate the performance of several materials and make critical design adjustments before the actual production process begins.

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BLM Capabilities

One-Off Production

One-off production is the process of manufacturing a single product. One-off items often require extensive customization, specialized production techniques, and a high skill level to produce. The establishment of a tight relationship between the manufacturer and the client is also typically required due to the level of specificity and detail involved. Examples of one-off products include prototypes, specialist models, emergency machine parts, and components that are no longer available from the original supplier.

BLM is equipped to produce one-off custom clutch configurations for a wide range of unique or problematic applications. Our comprehensive services allow us to offer the client a significant degree of flexibility during the design and manufacturing process so that their product can be customized with the exact needs of the application in mind. Our one-off clutches are fabricated with the same level of quality and attention to detail as those manufactured through larger-scale production methods.

CNC Machining

Computer numeric control (CNC) machining is an automated manufacturing process wherein pre-programmed computer software controls the movement of machining tools and equipment. The computer code used to execute a CNC machining operation is written and edited by trained programmers. During the machining process, cutting tools selectively remove material from a workpiece until the custom-designed part is achieved. Because the process is pre-programmed, parts can be machined with minimal involvement from human operators. This is in contrast to manually performed machining techniques that require operators to closely guide the cutting process through buttons or wheels. CNC technology can be used to automate a range of machining equipment, from mills and lathes to routers and grinders.

Due to its accuracy and versatility, the CNC machining process is well-suited for the manufacturing of high-precision centrifugal clutches with complex external geometries and internal bores. These mechanical devices often require the machining of intricate features around their circumference, which allow them to fit precisely into an overall assembly. CNC machines can accurately and efficiently perform complex rotations around several axes to create holes, flat surfaces, three-dimensional surface contours, and other important clutch design elements that would otherwise be challenging or impossible to achieve. 

At BLM, we use state-of-the-art CNC lathes, milling machinery, finishing equipment, and other advanced tools and techniques to efficiently and precisely fabricate products with a variety of designs, specifications, and tolerances. Our skilled machinists can produce highly customized clutches that are tailored to meet specific engine horsepower and RPM requirements. We can also work with several types of materials based on the requirements of your operating environment. Whether you need one-offs, prototypes, or larger-volume production, we can scale our manufacturing process to meet your needs.

Learn More About BLM’s Custom Capabilities

Centrifugal clutches are integral machinery components that allow power equipment to be started safely and effectively. These devices are constructed in various sizes, materials, and design configurations to support specific types of assemblies. When developing a centrifugal clutch for an application, it is important to have access to high-quality design, prototyping, and manufacturing support to make sure the finished product will fit seamlessly into your operation.

At BLM, we understand the amount of specificity and accuracy required in centrifugal clutches, especially when it comes to highly specialized or unique applications. Our design, manufacturing, and engineering team works closely with clients from many industries to provide custom centrifugal clutches that meet all of their specific requirements. From our digital model library to our prototyping and one-off production capabilities, we can help you find or create the optimal solution for your power transmission challenges.

To learn more about our centrifugal clutch design and customization capabilities, please contact us today or request a quote.