A Guide To Our CAD Library

There are a variety of powerful, forward-thinking tools available to design and engineering professionals. One of the cornerstones of design and manufacturing in the modern era is the ability to access design information anywhere, at any time. The demand for high-quality components is also high. That means design experts need to be able to use 3D CAD libraries and similar knowledge bases on their own time.  

This page will discuss the benefits of our CAD library, how it ties into 3D CAD, and how BLM leverages CAD model tools like these to produce high-quality components for our customers.

Our CAD Library

Our new CAD library offers customers a variety of CAD models for different types of automatic and custom centrifugal clutches. Users are able to view specific 3D models of centrifugal clutches in order to better understand the dimensions of these parts. We also provide many file type options to download these 3D CAD files.

Every piece of information in our CAD library is meant to align with the specific needs of purchasing, design, manufacturing, and maintenance processes and operations. 

What Is 3D CAD?

3D computer-aided design (or CAD) allows designers, engineers, and other users to create realistic computer models. In these settings, models usually take the forms of parts or larger assemblies. 3D CAD models can be 3D printed or CNC machined to create finished components.

There are different types of modeling capabilities afforded by CAD:

  • Surface modeling: Engineers use surface modeling to create a part’s aesthetic features. It’s ideal for creating organic designs and using free-form geometry to design the surfaces of parts. 
  • Sculpting: Also known as organic modeling, sculpting is frequently used to create jewelry, characters, and other detailed shapes. It’s ideal for creating freeform surfaces and intricate details. Some software allow users to begin with a digital ball of clay and sculpt from there. 

Contact BLM to Get Started on Your 3D Modeling Project

BLM has custom manufactured centrifugal clutches for clients since 1932. If you’re curious how our CAD library might benefit your project, reach out to us today. We’ll address your questions before explaining how we can use advanced technology to help with your project.

We work with a range of industries, including:

  • Public works
  • Oil refinery
  • Military/defense
  • Water treatment
  • Mining
  • Agricultural
  • Forestry
  • Chemical

You can also request a free quote for an upcoming project