Career Opportunities

Interested in a career at BLM? Check out our available positions in our Toronto, Ontario facility and fill out the form at the bottom of the page if you’d like to apply.

General Machinist


  • Responsible for safe and accurate operation of various machines used to
    produce end product.
  • Fully knowledgeable in reading and note changes required on any shop
    production drawings.
  • Record information on pink shop copies showing material used and
  • Any dimensions that have a 4 decimal tolerance must be recorded on
    appropriate stamped area of drawings. Check dimensions of first and
    last part plus every tenth part of production run.
  • Responsible for daily maintenance of machines. At end of use, leave machines in a clean state.
  • Follow all common safety practices and report any concerns to your
  • If qualified in welding; follow safe procedures while wearing all safety
    equipment supplied.

CNC Machinist


  • Responsible for safe operation of all CNC machines and their daily
  • Ability to read shop production drawings note any changes and report
    to Foreman.
  • Any drawing dimensions that have a 4 decimal tolerance must be
    recorded on appropriate stamped area of drawing.
  • Record first and last part and every tenth part of production run.
  • Create program and input into machine, as drawing requires.
  • Report any concerns to shop foreman.
  • Check all finished bores with plug gauge and hone to final size, if
  • Keep work area neat and SAFE at all times.



  • Responsible for all phases of assembly in a safe manner.
  • Follow production drawings and “BLUE” bill of material copy, to
    determine all inventory parts to be used and any special instructions.
  • Record any changes directly onto “BLUE” bill of material and send to
    Plant Office.
  • Loctite #242 to be used on all threaded bolts and screws.
  • Torque all fasteners to proper settings as per torque chart in assembly
  • Visually inspect product during assembly for any imperfections.
  • Indicator check, all 428 + 429 spigots and face for runout and record
    findings onto “SHOP COPY.”

Shipping & Receiving


  • Responsible for all phases of shipping.
  • Insure product is properly packaged for secure transport to customer.
  • Insure weight is appropriate for handling.
  • All wooden boxes to be steel strapped.
  • Stretch wrap all skidded shipments.
  • Make sure packages are addressed correctly and that “MADE IN
    CANADA” is marked on all shipments.
  • Record weight and quantity shipped on shop copy and send to plant office.
  • Sign and date all “WAY BILLS” and keep one copy for our records.


  • Responsible for all phases of receiving.
  • Visually inspect goods and decide how best to safely unload product.
  • Place our Receiving rubber stamp onto packaging slip.
  • SHIPPER/RECEIVER to sign for accuracy as far as quantity, then have Foreman or Plant
    Superintendent sign to accept into inventory.
  • Make sure dock and stairs are clear and salted in weather requires.


Career Opportunities

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