Ready… Set… Go! Try Go-Karting for Corporate Team Building

Having fun is a big part of corporate culture today. Companies big and small, from Google and Microsoft to the accounting firm down the road, are incorporating “fun” into their business plans. Merging the “fun-factor” into a business’ daily operations isn’t a new trend: It’s been around for quite some time now, especially in corporate team building efforts around the world.

On his website,, team building expert David Greenberg lists the following advantages and results of corporate team building efforts:

  • People getting to know each other better
  • Improved communication and trust
  • The breakdown of barriers and “silos” between departments
  • The ability to recognize and capitalize on each other’s talents and contributions
  • More creativity and innovative problem-solving
  • The creation of strong, effective teams who know how to work together toward a common goal.

Team-building activities range from quiet canoe rides down tranquil rivers and streams, to more challenging and active adventures. Go-karting is one type of team building activity that is extremely popular across the country today. Satisfying “the need for speed,” go-karting has been proven to be very effective for team building efforts, as well.

Driving a go-kart at high speeds in a safe, controlled, indoor environment provides all the ingredients needed for fun, excitement and, most importantly, interaction among people. It’s a great way to build rapport between departments and between different levels of company employees. Racing brings people together, encourages collaboration, and breaks down departmental barriers.

From San Diego, to Denver, to New York, you’ll find indoor go-karting locations that feature corporate teambuilding events as part of their offerings. Many locations have quiet meeting rooms on site, in addition to their go-kart racetracks. Of course, safety is key, and the equipment used at commercial go-karting outlets is maintained to be responsive and to quickly accelerate for powerful results on the track. The go-karts you find at commercial establishments are heavy-duty and they’re manufactured with strong, dependable clutches built for the long haul. We know this because we manufacture fully machined centrifugal clutches for commercial go-karts, and, of course, they’re designed for serious performance and durability.

While the goal and mission of team building through go-karting is serious business, and the centrifugal clutches are commercial-grade and provide exceptional performance, the end results of go-karting for corporate teambuilding are always guaranteed fun!



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