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4 Things to Know about Centrifugal Clutches and Go Karts

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The centrifugal clutch: as versatile as it is important. Not only are there many advantages that this type of clutch provides—energy savings, smooth acceleration, ease of maintenance, etc.—but there are so many applications that benefit from it. Go karts are one of them. In fact, a high quality centrifugal clutch can make for a very […]

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Save the Date: Manufacturing Day 2014

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If you’ve heard about or participated in Manufacturing Day since it began two years ago, you won’t be surprised to learn that this year, it’s projected to be bigger and better than ever. The date: October 3, 2014. The mission: to address “common misperceptions about manufacturing” while “amplify[ing] the voice of individual manufacturers” to address […]

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Preventative Maintenance and Centrifugal Clutches: Avoiding Catastrophe

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Consider this scenario: your business is booming, demand is higher than it’s been in years, and everything is on the right track—and then an emergency happens. You’ve been working so hard to get business where it now is, that you’ve forgotten to invest in a backup. You need to get back up and running right […]

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Mechanical Clutches That Fulfill Many Requirements

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A clutch may be most commonly associated with automobiles, but mechanical clutches are needed any time that the transmission of power or motion must be controlled.  There are many varieties of mechanical clutches, with each type designed to fulfill specific requirements.  One of the most commonly used types is the centrifugal clutch. These clutch systems […]

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The Rising Demand—And Success—in the Mining Equipment Industry

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If you follow the latest news and trends in American manufacturing, then you likely know that the industry is in the midst of a major recovery. Production and overall competitiveness in manufacturing is at levels not seen in many years, which is good news for business owners, manufacturing workers, and the country in general. What […]

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The Ease of Maintenance of Our Centrifugal Clutch

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In a previous blog post, we discussed the advantages of the centrifugal clutch. These included starting loads efficiently while saving energy, smooth acceleration, the elimination of expensive starting equipment, and more. Another specific advantage of the centrifugal clutch is its ease of maintenance. Because our clutch is made of separate pieces, these pieces can be […]

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The Waterworks Industry Prepares for the Future Where Keeping Water Pumping and Flowing Will Continue to be Critical

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Each day, water utilities and other companies in the waterworks industry face challenges, some more critical than others. For example, the current California drought affects the waterworks industry and millions of people in the state, with repercussions in other industries and other states and locations around the world. The agriculture industry is affected, with limited […]

Applications for Industrial Friction Clutches

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You might be surprised to find how many applications there are for centrifugal clutches. A clutch is simply a mechanical device that permits the transmission of power from one component of a machine to another. Most people are familiar with the clutches used in personal vehicles such as cars and motorcycles, but in reality, clutches […]

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Industrial Clutches Help Pump up Manufacturing Activity – and the Number of Jobs in Manufacturing Industries

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Whether you’re looking at a water treatment plant, an aluminum processing facility or an aggregate crushing plant, we can guarantee there is an industrial clutch – most likely several of them – working behind the scenes in the pumps, crushers and processing equipment. Industrial clutches help pump up activity and keep things moving forward for […]

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