Winter is Here And Our Clutches Are Everywhere

When you live in a cold-weather climate, there are a few things you can be sure of come winter including temperatures dropping, snow falling, and our BLM clutches working every step of the way. You might not see them, or know exactly where our clutches are in use, but they’re pretty much everywhere.   BLM clutches have countless applications, especially during the winter season.

In fact, the lifecycle of a winter storm relies on our clutches. Clutches are used before a storm when salt throwers are covering the roads and after the storm, when road sweepers come to clear the snowfall.  After the storm has passed, chippers using our clutches are fed the fallen debris ensuring safer road conditions.   Finally, pumping equipment also depends on BLM clutches for flood control due to melted snow & ice.

If you’re braving the snow and are planning a winter ski trip this season, you may even be sitting on a ski lift that uses our clutches.  In fact, we supplied clutches on snow throwers at a number of ski venues including Sochi.  No matter what the ski conditions, our clutches are working so the ski resort can operate smoothly.

Perhaps you are tired of the cold and are planning a winter getaway; well you’re still not getting away from the use of clutches.  Clutches used on ski resorts’ lifts are also used for tropical islands’ gondolas.  Regardless, if you are on a ski lift being brought up a snowy mountain or on a gondola photographing a rainforest,  clutches may be ensuring your safety.

The fact is, we provide custom clutches for so many different uses, but the one factor that remains constant is our quality.  Our applications may change, but our craftsmanship never wavers.

With all of these applications, we at BLM continue to see more and more business. As a result, we continue to see the need for more skilled workers and continue to be grateful for the loyal, talented team members we have.  We’re a happy bunch and are especially happy to keep making clutches of unmatched quality that keep winter safe and fun.

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