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How Clutches Can Keep American Agriculture Growing

As the spring season comes into full effect, with summer not far behind, we’ll all be enjoying the warmth of the season, and the universal ways Americans celebrate it. So as you’re biting into that first sweet corn of the barbecue season, enjoying a fresh spring salad, or making a sweet berry pie take a moment to think about the country’s hard working farmers who make it all possible.

For instance: for every one farmer in the U.S., 144 people eat. No matter the weather every farmer works tirelessly each day to bring food to our tables. At the same time, the entire agricultural industry works to support our economy and keep America growing.
As the industry and its individual members work so hard this season and throughout the year, we at BLM support them and do our part to make their jobs easier.

That’s because our centrifugal clutches are relied upon in countless agricultural applications, keeping machinery running smoothly with minimal maintenance and downtime. You’ll find our clutches used on pumps and sprayers to provide irrigation to farmers’ fields. Our clutches are also used on sprayers to deliver nutrients and pest control to farm crops. Arborists use chippers to recycle pruned branches when pruning fruit and nut orchards.

They help power the sprayers that keep farms hydrated—at the beginning of the planting lifecycle—and later on power the combined equipment that harvests crops.

The nature of our centrifugal clutches means starting and maneuvering the machinery is easier and energy is saved in the process. Therefore operating farm equipment outfitted with BLM clutches is easy and cost effective.

The agricultural industry around the world is growing; more demand is leading to increased opportunity. This is a good thing, but it also means farmers will have to meet even greater needs while remaining exceptionally efficient. They will be relying on machinery to help ease the burden, and at BLM, we’re confident our clutches can do just that. We’ve proudly been behind these unsung American heroes, and we’ll continue to be, for generations to come.