Industrial Clutches Help Pump up Manufacturing Activity – and the Number of Jobs in Manufacturing Industries

Whether you’re looking at a water treatment plant, an aluminum processing facility or an aggregate crushing plant, we can guarantee there is an industrial clutch – most likely several of them – working behind the scenes in the pumps, crushers and processing equipment. Industrial clutches help pump up activity and keep things moving forward for manufacturers, and industrial clutches are used in every type of manufacturing industry, with applications in a wide range of processes.

As manufacturing activity picks up its pace in North America, industrial clutches will be more heavily relied upon in the coming months and years. A recent report from says, “Expectations are rising for a stronger U.S. economy in 2014 after reports showed solid growth in manufacturing and construction spending at the end of last year.” Another article from reports, “The [manufacturing] rebound is very real, and it will likely gain even more momentum as companies worldwide come to realize the cost advantage U.S. manufacturing has gained from cheap domestic energy, most notably natural gas.”

Manufacturing job growth is also predicted in the article: “…by 2020, we could see up to 1.5 million manufacturing jobs and as many as 3.5 million additional jobs created because of the new factories that are being built.” This is all good news for manufacturers and for workers seeking manufacturing jobs.

Industrial clutches can’t take all the credit for the anticipated manufacturing boom, but they do play an important role in keeping manufacturing activities under control and moving along! At BLM Automatic Clutch Limited, we’ve manufactured industrial clutches for every type of application, and we’ve been doing this for over 80 years now. We produce two main designs of centrifugal clutches: Our Four Block series clutches (1/4-50 HP) for mortar mixers and conveyors, chippers, tampers, concrete pumps, refrigeration, etc.; and our Six Block Series (up to 3,000 HP) for large industrial and varied commercial applications, used in crushers, fans, deep well pumps and more. We’re also known for our high-quality custom clutches. If you need industrial clutches or have any questions about clutches, in general, give us a call at 800-268-4295, or tweet us @BLMAutomatic.

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