Are You Doing Your Part for Earth Day? We Are!

This Friday, April 22nd is the 46th celebration of Earth Day. It was started in 1970 as a demonstration for a healthy and sustainable environment and has led to environmental awareness and public policies. Today, being ‘green’ is understood by everyone to mean that you, or your products, work toward protecting the natural resources of the planet.  

At BLM, we’ve been green for a long time. Earth Day doesn’t come just once a year for us—we understand the importance of green solutions. Our distinctive blue centrifugal clutches are energy efficient and offer many other green benefits giving manufacturers and industries an easy choice to make when considering their carbon footprint.

The outstanding performance of BLM’s centrifugal clutches is made better by helping to make a more sustainable future. Using a properly sized clutch cuts down on problems and uses less energy. More details on the benefits of energy-efficient BLM centrifugal clutches can be found in a previous post and on our website.

Hope you can get outside and enjoy the day!

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