Save the Date: Manufacturing Day 2014

If you’ve heard about or participated in Manufacturing Day since it began two years ago, you won’t be surprised to learn that this year, it’s projected to be bigger and better than ever.

The date: October 3, 2014. The mission: to address “common misperceptions about manufacturing” while “amplify[ing] the voice of individual manufacturers” to address collective challenges.*

This year’s event will include even more career and educational workshops, open houses at facilities and plants, factory tours, and activities. It will also serve to encourage and engage young people, and show them how they can benefit from today’s manufacturing, which is more exciting and innovative than ever before.

Anyone can get involved. Individual businesses can open their doors and host official MFG Day events. Community leaders and business owners can sponsor events while supporting the MFG DAY mission. Educators, parents, and students can attend events; together, everyone can collectively celebrate this great industry.

After all, American manufacturing is more competitive than it has been in decades, and it’s continuing its remarkable comeback. It is a technologically-advanced, exciting industry that is the backbone of our country’s economy, and as such, it deserves to be celebrated, on MFD DAY, and every day.

Through this celebration and the events taking place around the country, manufacturers can show the world what they do and how important they are, while getting people involved, excited, and interested.

We encourage everyone—parents and teachers, fellow manufacturers, and anyone in between—to get involved and celebrate this great industry, an industry that’s critical to this country’s success.


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