BLM Automatic Clutches Used Around The World

The seasons might be changing, but that doesn’t mean the vacations and traveling stop. In fact, according to AAA 98.6 million Americans travel during the holiday season.

So what does that mean for BLM Automotic Clutch? Well, the fact of the matter is, we help your travels become easier by providing the clutches for the conveyor belts used for your luggage.

Once you hand off your suitcase to an attendant, they ticket it and send it on a conveyor belt meant to get your luggage onto the correct flight in ample time. After you land you also wish to receive your bags by a hassle free conveyor belt system. With BLM clutches on the conveyor belts, they is sure to run quickly and smoothly as expected.

Not only can you find BLM Automatic clutches in airports around the world but also on all types of conveyor belt systems including the mining industry, agricultural, and food and beverage sectors. With BLM Automatic clutches conveyors result in minimum stop and slip problems.

BLM Automatic Clutch is certain that whatever your application our clutches will perform to the highest standards. Our Four Block Series clutch is the perfect solution to your clutch needs. For more information about our clutches please visit our website.

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