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4 Things to Know about Centrifugal Clutches and Go Karts

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The centrifugal clutch: as versatile as it is important. Not only are there many advantages that this type of clutch provides—energy savings, smooth acceleration, ease of maintenance, etc.—but there are so many applications that benefit from it.

Go karts are one of them. In fact, a high quality centrifugal clutch can make for a very good Go-kartsgo kart, which, in turn, can provide team building, stress release, and hours of recreation. But as fun as go karts are, there are countless considerations regarding the clutch used in them, and these considerations must be taken seriously.

These are four of them:

1) Not just any clutch should be used in just any go kart; putting high-quality industrial clutches in an ordinary go kart is not ideal, and can affect the lifespan of the clutch.

2) A controlled environment is best for industrial clutches. Go karts designed specifically by an engineer to do particular test runs help make the clutch last longer. The engineering of the kart affects how the equipment will run, and this must be carefully researched and designed.

3) Variable speeds will change the clutch’s capabilities; industrial clutches such as BLM’s are designed to run at a specific RPM. This is also where the controlled environment helps, as the size of the track and speed are also controlled.

4) The way you drive a go kart affects the clutch. For example, driving with your foot on the brake the entire time, or quickly stopping and then going repeatedly affect its lifespan. In this way, yet again, driving in a controlled environment such as a track is better for the clutch.

It’s important to remember that if parts are randomly put together into a go kart, without taking into account the different variables and mechanisms, the clutch—and the go kart itself—will not last. Finally, keep in mind that our premium clutches cannot be used in just any go kart; we make quality clutches for quality karts, and when used correctly, the two go hand in hand for many years of fun.